-A Beautiful Fury-

Something In Your Eyes

Calls to Mind a Silver Screen
And All its Sad Goodbyes.


Turn the Page

I need to write this down.

For myself.


I have changed.

I’ve felt a little breeze of piece of mind.

Fragile yet Real.


It’s getting close to Five years since I started.

I’ve burned bridges,

destroyed a relationship,

worked my ass off,

danced, laughed, drank like a sponge,

met many new faces, friends,

made a mistake after mistake.

Contemplated suicide time and time again in the Darkness.

Yeah, fuckin Rock ‘n Roll!!

For what?

For photography, the only true Love of my Life?

My Dearest tool for self expression?

Shut the fuck up..


I’m sorry darling but photography isn’t Everything.

Life is everything.

Love is everything.

It used to be fun.

To learn and to explore.

But my journey has killed it.

I have killed it.

I haven’t created anything worth of anything for me in weeks.

(To clarify, a day for me is a week in a real world.)

And I feel fine.

It has become a job.

Big ass corporations,

money talks.

And I feel fine.

Just get the fuckin job done.


Deeply troubled and vulnerable,

But still holding on.

‘Cos what I’ve seen on the other side…


Something more beautiful than I’ve ever seen before.

And it Kills Me.


The next level?

Who knows?

I don’t.

 And I don’t care.

One thing I’ve learned,

You need to grow as a person to become a better artist.

And I’m on the right path.

I can Feel it.

Your Art Will Follow.

Turn the Page.


From the days when it was fun.

Anna G @Brand

I’m Giving into Grievances Again

You’re Looking at an Absolute Zero.


I Just Want You to Know

I’ve Found a Reason for Me
To Change Who I Used to Be
A Reason to Start Over New
And the Reason is You.


I Dream of You

And All the Things You Say.

I Wonder Where You are Now?



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